Corina Lunita has MOVED! All orders will now ship from Washington State :) Thank you so much for your patience in this time of transition!

Shipping Delays due to COVID-19

I've been using Correos de Mexico for the past 5 years to ship my jewelry. It usually takes between 3-5 weeks to arrive, but since the pandemic, packages are taking more than 2 months, with minimal to none scanning on the way.

For example, I've sent a few packages that got scanned in initially, and then a month later finally got scanned through customs in Mexico. Some have taken nearly 2 months for the same thing.

Please keep in mind that this options DOES NOT INCLUDE INSURANCE AND I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS WITH THIS SHIPPING OPTION IF YOUR PACKAGE IS DELAYED. I have yet to have a package actually get lost, but a couple have taken up to 6 months to finally arrive. Please be patient and keep in mind that I have no control over where you package is or how/when it's being scanned. 

Fedex is the fastest and the safest option. Packages usually arrive in a day or two, and the cost is $50USD.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!

You can e-mail me at