Discover the Mystical Opal: A Stone of Transformation and Beauty


The enchanting world of opals has captured hearts for centuries, and their allure is as powerful as ever. The term "Opal" finds its roots in the Greek word "Opallus," which signifies a change in color, and the Latin word "opalus," meaning a valuable stone. But opals are more than just precious gems; they are believed to possess therapeutic powers. Throughout history, opals have been associated with dispelling despair and guiding wearers towards the path of true love.


Contra Luz opal from Jalisco, Mexico

Contra luz Mexican Fire Opal from Magdalena, Jalisco.
Photo credits: Corina Lunita


In ancient Mayan cultures, fire opals were considered creations from the heavens, symbolizing life itself. Known as "quetza litzle pyolitli" or the "Paradise bird stone" in Nahuatl, opals earned their name due to their mesmerizing color shifts. Opal was also referred to as "Huitzitziltecpatl," signifying a hummingbird stone.

This radiant gem, the fire opal, is believed to infuse the soul with joy and happiness. The mere gaze upon its vivid colors and fiery essence can release emotions, offering warmth and harmony to its wearer. Additionally, fire opals are associated with the second chakra, promoting not just physical but emotional healing, enriching current relationships.


Select pieces from my Opaluz 2 Collection released in October 2018. 



Introducing our opulent Opaluz: The Inner Light Collection—a testament to the beauty of Mexican opals, meticulously handcrafted for those who wish to radiate grace and allure from within. These opals, ablaze with inner fire, will ignite your creativity and inner light, leaving you in awe.

Each opal is a masterpiece, boasting captivating patterns, flashes, and colors. They beckon to each soul uniquely, passionately. Discover that one-of-a-kind opal that will become a lifelong companion, a reminder of your inner fire and light.

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 Mexican Opal ring with gemstones and cast succulent

 Behold the elegance of a white-toned translucent Mexican Fire Opal, cradled in a fine silver bezel adorned with gemstones and delicate silver accents. The shank, adorned with a cast succulent, sapphire, and diamond, is a true work of art. Handcrafted by Corina Lunita


Caring for Your Opal

Opals are treasures to cherish, but they require special care. Avoid exposing them to intense light and temperature fluctuations, which can cause fracture lines known as "crazing." Opals are also sensitive to harsh chemicals like hydrofluoric acid and caustic alkaline solutions.

To clean your opal safely, use warm, soapy water, and a soft cloth. For the setting, a gentle polishing cloth will suffice. To prevent scratches, store your opal jewelry separately from harder gemstones.


These cute little pendants feature Australian opals with a whole rainbow of beautiful colorplay flashes. The stones are bezel-set with gold granulation details soldered along the outside, including a gold moon and a small tube bezel holding a 1.5mm diamond on each pendant.
Pendants and Photo credits: Corina Lunita

Types of Mexican Opal:
  • Precious opal: opal with a play of color
  • Crystal opal: clean transparent opal with a play of color
  • Water opal: Transparent opal the color of clear water with a play of color
  • Fire opal: Now reserved for orange to red opal with or without play of color
  • Matrix opal: Opal in its rhyolite matrix rock. Known as cantera in Mexico. (Watch out for the manmade matrix—bits of opal set in a colored cement or epoxy. This is then ground and polished into a cabochon. I do not use this type of opal in my jewelry)
  • Jelly opal: A cloudy or translucent opal
  • Common or Potch opal: Opal with no play of color
  • Leopard Opal: Vesicular basalt with play of color opal speckled throughout


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