About Us

     The moon is a perfect symbol to use for jewelry because as the moon changes and goes through its phases… so do you. Alchemists use a moon symbol to represent silver, and Lunita means "little moon." Whether you are looking for an everyday ring, or an elaborate statement piece to wear on special occasions, I’m sure we can find the perfect piece for you. I strive to craft all my pieces so they can be passed down as heirlooms to your loved ones. As the moon is timeless, so should be our jewelry.
     I am a self taught jeweler originally from the PNW, and I transplanted to Mexico 6 years ago. I have been making jewelry for most of my life and started working as a goldsmith in July of 2016.  I find inspiration in my surroundings, experimenting, and the stones themselves. Sometimes I sit with a group of stones I've picked for a collection and let them tell me what they want to be. Some of my favorite stones to work with are Mexican opals, Mexican amber, and Australian Variscite.
     I am also a certified Applied Jewelry Professional through GIA, the Gemological Institute of America. I've won multiple awards for my jewelry in local art shows, and have been featured in Piecework Magazine in Fall of 2020.
     Between  collections, I do open a handful of spots for custom pieces. If you'd like a custom piece, please feel free to send me a message. I'd love to work with you to make your perfect piece!

     I try to live as much of a  “zero-waste” lifestyle as possible. I strive to create jewelry that will last a long time. That’s why I use solid sterling silver and gold, not plated metals. It is very important for me to know where my clothing is sourced, who makes it and how it is made, so why not place that same importance on jewelry?

     I use all recycled silver and gold and source my stones from small business owners and stone cutters, and directly from the source.